so sorry i havent been sending a whole ton of pictures home, it just takes forever and a day just to try and attach them..we have a photo shop here in my new area, maybe ill just send a disk home for christmas. oh btw for christmas i would like more socks, black and brown; more ties are always nice cause i like to have a variety; and what i would really like is a waterproof camera to carry around with me cause it tends to rain expectantly here and i dont want to get my camera ruined. kay so thats my requests for christmas. i probably need to send a pair of orthadics home to be refurbished cause ive been doing some heavy duty walking. oh btw i was transfered to my new area!  in the san gabriel zone in the cavite province. im with my 4th companion in my 4th transfer and it should be good times. elder talal was my first district leader when i got to signal 2. so yeah thats kind of the exciting stuff for now. i really dont know what i do in my day to day here so thatll have to wait for another day. hope all is well.

mahal ko kayo
elder b

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