High on the Mountain Top

I have seen the top of the mountain and it is good...sort of. my area is beautiful! its sooooo quiet to cause there are no people. im definitely out in the province. but there are some serious hills all over this area. once youve summited or descended from one, there seems to be a more gigantic one waiting for me next. my legs were so sore this morning i could hardly move...not fun. and to top it all off ive been sick pretty much since ive got here. also not fun. i swear my body loves to run a fever...i guess it enjoys it or something. cause i dont. its really not fun not having the desire to eat and stuff. or feeling like youre going to throw up a lot of the time. oh man its been good times. i think ive been worrying my companion to death. we took friday off cause i was still running a fever, but that fever seems just to come and go as it pleases so thats pretty fun. i think he's worried when he walks with me cause if i fall or get really sick, there is no way he can support me. gotta love having filippino companions; big hearts, small bodies. and way thats about all for my usual sickness every transfer, i guess we're getting it over early this transfer...hopefully. but yeah so we've got like 12 baptisms that are lined up for november, so thats pretty exciting. other than that not much is going on. just kinda working everyday..as much as possible. so yeah have fun doing what you all are doing and ill talk to you next week.

mahal ko kayo
elder b

ps. if you send a dear elder please put a date in there somewhere. most of the time i have no idea how long ago it was sent to me.

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