Finally! some time to write!

well it sounds like all fun and games at home. i did get you package on 9/23 during zone conference, sorry i forgot to write. thanks! thanks for sending me shades i cant wear..ever while im here, its bawal. anywho things are fine. raining a ton..go figure, rainy season. its great fun to walk down flooded streets every once in a while. we get to see conference next week so thats pretty sweet. christmas has already started here...they believe in celebrating christmas starting september 1. its pretty sickening. i hate christmas music. i dont know what i want for christmas. maybe some more socks, i keep finding i have less and less. some snacks would be nice. i did thank g and g, give me some credit. we had a baptism yesterday, bringing my total up to 9 in this area. i baptized, just like all but one of the others. its either ive just been here forever or they just like me, i dont know. but im looking forward to transfers cause president said i am going to transferred out to the province. im pretty excited to get out of the city and new scenery. so yeah, that's about all the exciting stuff. are you happy now that i sent a letter?

mahal kita
elder b

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