an answer to prayer

back by popular demand(and some complaining) i once again am writing a longer letter. so last week my prayers were answered and i got an american companion and even better than just any american companion, i got elder willis!!!!!!! so thats pretty sweet. he and i came to the conclusion that we were the same person in the pre-existence and that they decided that together we would either conquer the world or be the laziest person ever, so we were split into two. anywho so last wednesday we were out teaching and what not. and i have a random thought to go see nanay and tatay reyes. so we go and see them. tatay has chicken pox and a fever. so we talked with nanay. anyways we ask if he's had a blessing and he hadnt. so we give him one and share a short message about prayer....come to find out that nanay had prayed for priesthood to drop by...we were like whoa. next day we were out and about and we stop by and share a message with sister jemma. come to find out that she had also prayed for us to come by. we had stopped by tuesday night cause elder talal wanted to say goodbye, but she wasnt home. she was sad so she prayed for us to come by and see her. twice in two days! so this week was fun. hopefully chuckles will send on the pictures, we think theyre amusing. well thats about the cool stuff for this week.

mahal ko kayo
elder b