Yeah... the flu...good times

this week has been an enjoyable on account of me getting the flu on thursday. so heres the story....i went to class after lunch and it just wasnt happening for me that day. i was really hot and sweaty and tired. about two three hours into it my teacher apears infront of my face and askes me what she could help with and i said i dont know but i think im running a fever. she felt my forehead compared it with my companions and back again. one of the teachers in the tag department was in the room and he felt my temp too. sis olsen was like elder i think you should go to the health clinic. so i did. come to find out i had a fever of 101.7. it was good times. so the doctor tells me i have to go to bed, which i was kind of upset about cause we were going to teach that night; but he put the hammer down. so he sent me off with some gatorade and i went off to sleep....for the next 12 hours ish. so friday was ok, i drank three big glasses of gatorade and was fine. saturday was a different story. so saturday afternoon gillett and sister smyth and i went to teach at which point i started some pretty good chills. some of the other elders could see i was shaking and kept encouraging me to go back to the room and sleeep , but i kept fighting it. so we went to dinner and came back to class and were reading ang aklat ni mormon sa tagalog and i swear i was going through menopause. i liked to jump between fever and chills, oh it was good times. so i finally decided after reading that i couldnt take it anymore. so i had my district give me a blessing and i went off to bed, but i didnt sleep. i tried for several hours but it just didnt happen so it was just me at kasama ko chillin in the residense hall by ourselves. never more in my life have i wanted sportcenter or any type of tv. but we surrvived, everyone else came back around 930 so it was ok. sunday i was just cold all day even in my suit jacket. i went to the front desk to talk to the dr on call but he was in sacrament meeting so he couldnt be desturbed. so i went and took a nap and took and even longer one after sacrament meeting. when i woke up from that one i threw up in the drinking fountain while takeing ibprofen like 6 times. but anyway thats the interesting stuff. were teaching sa tagalog this week so pray for me.
love always,
Elder b
Thanks everyone for the packages, but i think im all cookied out so please send goldfish instead of cookies, i cant eat anymore cookies.

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