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so all is well after pneumonia. we returned back to work on wednesday and have been working hard since. we have EXCELLENT news!!!!!!!! on sunday we will, scratch that, I WILL be baptizing 6 of our investigators!!! how awesome is that?!?!? so that brings the total up to8 baptisms in this area since i got here. we have been truly blessed.this is a good area and i really hope that i wont be transferred on the10th. by the way, transfers are on wednesday sep. 10, so ill be emailing that day. but im having a really good week. ive been having a lot more confidence in my language and teaching skills. ive been able to just talk to people and invite them to learn more about the gospel. i think ive finally come out of my shell and am just not worried about making a fool of myself. so thats pretty great. its truly an answer to prayer, i asked for the ability to speak and heavenly father has answered my prayer. i just had to open my mouth and try. my companion and i are getting along better, we're not best friends, but we work well together.im finding a lot more joy and satisfaction in our work. we're really hoping to fill our teaching pool cause after these baptisms, there's notta whole lot else for us to teach. so thats been our focus this week.we've been teaching a lot of first lessons, but in my opinion, not too many high prospects, but im not the final judge on that. maybe they will feel the spirit when they read and pray, im not sure. but we keep working and doing our best. i think i already talked about language, but im coming back to it. people arent giving me to much credit in my ability to speak and understand, but that makes it even more fun totally shock them! i dont understand everything, but i do understand.well...i dont have any funny stories this week, its just been a boring week. it poured down rain yesterday afternoon, totally flooded the streets. good thing we were on the second floor of one of our members houses, so we stayed there until the went down. well hope all is well and that everyone has a good week. just another gentle reminder that mail is nice, christie i got yours; thanks!

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